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HRM 62 OF 2007: VACANCY 26 OF 2007 

The Free State Provincial Government and Free State Department of
Education are equal 
opportunity, affirmative action employers. Please note the following:
the FSDoE will give 
Preference to candidatures in the following order: 
CLOSING DATE : 04 October 2007 @ 16h00 

NOTE : The particulars of the posts, requirements, etc. are attached. 
Introduction and general measures. Firstly, to the candidature of 
excess employees who are at a level equivalent to that of the 
advertised vacancy. Secondly, to the candidature of employees 
other than those referred to in the above paragraph i.e. non-excess 
employees and excess employees at lower/ higher levels than that 
of the advertised vacancy. Lastly, to the candidature of non-public 
servants. All applications must be submitted on a Z.83 form, 
obtainable from any Public Service Department, as well as from 
FSDoE, or the official website: (www.fsdoe.fs.gov.za) and must be 
completed in full. In full means both pages of the Z.83 must be 
completed and page 2 duly signed. Applications must be 
accompanied by original certified, copies of formal and informal 
qualifications, driver’s licence (where specified), identity document 
and a detailed C.V. Separate applications must be submitted for 
every vacancy It is our intention to promote representivity (race, 
gender and disability) in the Department through the filling of these 
posts. Candidates whose transfer/promotion/appointment will 
promote representivity, according to the Departmental Employment 
Equity plan and targets, will receive preference. Applicants must 
clearly quote the relevant reference number on application forms 
and on the envelope and forward the applications to the address as 
indicated in the advertisement. N.B.: Please note that: Incomplete 
and late applications will not be considered. Failure to comply with 
the procedure outlined above, will lead to an application being 
rejected. Applicants are informed that applications, copies of 
qualifications and CVs will not be returned; Applicants who 
terminated their services with voluntary severance packages may 
not apply; Faxed applications will not be accepted; Salary 
progression on the salary scales is subject to performance 
assessment; The FSDoE reserves the right not to fill advertised 
positions; and Applicants educational qualifications will be verified 
and references will be checked; and It is expected of candidates to 
be available for selection interviews on a date, time and place 
determined by the Free State Department of Education. Please 
forward your application, quoting the relevant reference number on 
your Z83 application as well as on the envelope. Applicants are 
respectfully informed that, if no notification of appointment is 
received within 4 months of the closing date, they must accept that 
their application had been unsuccessful. This advertisement will 
also appear on the website of the Department at 
REFERENCE: 26/2007/21 
Section: Cataloguing, Classification and Procurement: ELITS & LR 
sub directorate 
SALARY : R85 362 – 99 108 pa 

CENTRE : Bloemfontein 

REQUIREMENTS : An appropriate 3 year tertiary or equivalent
qualification. (a Degree 
or Diploma in Library and Information Science) 

RECOMMENDATIONS : Three years experience in cataloguing and
Knowledge of cataloguing tools ,i.e. AACR2, DDC 21, LC Subject 
Headings. Advanced computer literacy skills. Knowledge of 
Electronic Library and Information System, e.g. PALS. 
Competency in library skills (cataloguing, classification, DDC, 
indexing of Subject Headings and AACR2) management and 
administration of libraries, online information services, 
computerised library administration (PALS), planning and 
budgeting, problem solving skills. Willingness to work for
 long hours 
and under pressure as needs arise will serve as an additional 
recommendation. Experience in using different computer 
programmes viz: Microsoft Word and Excel 

DUTIES : The successful candidate will be responsible to support the
towards establishing functioning school libraries or media centres 
through the following duties: 

Facilitate the process of acquiring learning resources for schools to 
support curriculum delivery. Catalogue and Classify acquired 
resources for schools according to set standards and guidelines. 
Assist with maintenance of the catalogue and control the quality of 
catalogue records. Ensure that the stock acquired by the Provincial 
Office is processed to support the schools in ensuring the effective 
and easy retrieval of materials as well as effective stock control. 
Ensure that the stock is delivered to schools in time to support 
curriculum delivery. Liaise with publishers, districts and the Media 
Learning Facilitators at all times to keep them abreast with latest 
developments regarding the implementation of the curriculum and 
the implications of this to learning resources. 

ENQUIRIES : Ms Z Gxwati  (051) 447 3411 
APPLICATIONS : Director HRM, Department of Education, Private Bag
Bloemfontein, 9300 (Selborne Ave. 106, Katleho Building)
REFERENCE: 26/2007/25 
Section: ELITS & LR Sub directorate 
SALARY : R58 290 – 67 668 pa 

CENTRE Bloemfontein 

REQUIREMENTS : Grade 12 or equivalent qualification with 2 years
experience in 
library service and computer literacy 

RECOMMENDATIONS : Diploma in Library / Information Science will serve
an added 
advantage. Experience in working in a library environment, 
understanding of Batho Pele principles. Self driven with a positive 
attitude and willingness to learn. Keeping statistics and time 
management skills. Planning and organizing skills. Communication 
skills (verbal, listening and written). Loyal, responsible and 
dedicated to achieve intended objectives. Self control and self 
motivated. Willingness to work under pressure and for long hours 
will serve an added advantage. 

DUTIES : To support the schools towards establishing functioning school

libraries or media centres by assisting with manual processing, 
packing, unpacking, sorting of multi-media resources and ensuring 
efficient dispatching thereof. Collate Media LF’s lists by supplier 
into district order list. Receive deliveries from publishers. Verify 
deliveries. Submit invoices to the LOGIS clerk for payment. Unpack 
deliveries from publishers and suppliers. Arrange unprocessed 
stock according to publishers on the shelves. Physical / manual 
processing of stock e.g. pasting bar codes, date slips, spine labels 
and book pockets. Arrange processed stock according publishers. 
Label the boxes according to schools. Pack processed stock 
according to the list of schools onto boxes. Include a dispatch list in

each box per school. Keep a record of all dispatch lists. Ensure that 
the dispatch lists are signed for by each Media. Communicate with 
publishers and suppliers of multi-media resources at all times to 
keep them abreast with latest development. Any other adhoc 
activities that may be assigned by supervisors. 

APPLICATIONS : Director HRM, Department of Education, Private Bag
Bloemfontein, 9300 (Selborne Ave. 106, Katleho Building) 
ENQUIRIES : Ms Z Gxwati  (051) 447 3411 

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